A collective belief in the value of international education

INTO University Partnerships was founded on the principle that education has the power to transform the lives of our students, university communities and employees, and that internationalization benefits us all. Our commitment to this principle has never wavered across our 11 years of operation, despite countless changes of government and policy around the world.

These are, however, confusing and worrying times for our students, education partners, employees and their families. My colleague Amy McGowan, COO (Acting), INTO North America, who has first hand experience of successfully running and growing INTO Oregon State University, speaks for us all: “The US is, and will continue to be, an outstanding, safe and inclusive study destination. We will always welcome students and employees of all nationalities, religions, races, gender identities and sexual orientations at all INTO centers and offices worldwide.”

Many of our partner universities released statements in the wake of President Trump’s original executive order. Below are extracts that support our global vision of higher education:

Advocating for our students is a privilege we inherit from those who built this university, a role in which we take great pride, and a responsibility from which we shall not turn away despite the complexity of any situation that may face us – Tony Frank, PhD, President, Colorado State University

As a community of learners, Drew University is very attentive to the deep concerns and fears of its members and is firmly committed to the safety and protection of all of our community members, including non-US citizens….. Our intent is to ensure that students’ opportunity to learn, and faculty and staff members’ pursuit of their work and scholarship in the United States and affected countries remains uninterrupted – MaryAnn Baenninger, PhD, President, Drew University

It is now more important than ever that we continue to be an example of civility and inclusion, a place where we can all thrive together regardless of where we come from. This is not only the defining characteristic of our university; it is the hallmark of American higher education – Ángel Cabrera, PhD, President, George Mason University

At this time, each of us must reaffirm our compassion and commitment to one another as a community regardless of immigration status, background or identity and declare our enduring commitment to free and open inquiry, which are fundamental to our democracy – Edward J Ray, PhD, President, Oregon State University

Marshall University currently has more than 550 international students from 56 countries. These students are valued and welcomed members of the Marshall family. Their presence adds immeasurable value to our campus by bringing the richness of their cultures and experiences to Marshall and Huntington – Jerome A Gilbert, PhD, President, Marshall University

Despite this uproar, I want it to be abundantly clear that Saint Louis University supports our students, faculty, physicians, and staff from the affected countries and all who are immigrants, refugees, asylees or otherwise at risk; you are part of the SLU community. You are not alone. We stand with you. You make our University stronger – Fred P Pestello, PhD, President, Saint Louis University

All of our partnership centers in the US, UK and China provide safe, welcoming, campuses with first class support for students from over 150 countries. We are proud to work with exceptional universities to provide the best possible student experience, and to share their education mission.

For information on the revised executive order, please keep visiting these websites:
American Council on Education
AIEA World
INTONET (INTO staff intranet)

John Sykes, INTO CEO (Acting)

Author: John Sykes, INTO CEO (Acting)

John has over 20 years’ experience in the higher education sector and has a strong background in corporate finance. As one of INTO’s founding directors, John has been a lynch-pin in the development of every Joint Venture. In his current role, he oversees global operations, finance, technology, HR, market initiatives and business development and supports operational leadership.

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