China Rising – perspectives on internationalization from one of China’s leading universities

In the second of our guest blog posts in advance of NAFSA 2013, Professor Lin Runhui of Nankai University in China offers his perspective on internationalization.  Nankai is widely regarded as one of China’s finest universities and is currently offering Masters degrees in English for international students.  Find our more about opportunities in China and meet with Professor Lin at our Destination China seminar at NAFSA 2013 in Saint Louis.

As a leading institution of higher education in China, with a global academic reputation, increasing the number of international students studying with us is a key element of our internationalization strategy.

We started working with INTO in 2012, and have already started to see a change on campus.  The investment in student services has meant that we are now able to offer our international students more than ever before, and have been able to welcome students from across the globe.

At the heart of everything we do at Nankai are the Nankai mottos: Inspiration and Innovation, Acquisition of all-round capability and a dedication to public interests.  We believe that the partnership we have with INTO will enable us to inspire students from all over the world with our innovative English-medium degree programmes.  At the same time by giving our domestic students the opportunity to study and interact with students from across the globe we are better able to serve the public interests of those on-campus, and to help them become global citizens.

As China continues to develop its position in the world economic and political arena, more and more students are considering spending a period of time studying here to further develop their understanding of Chinese culture, business practice and language skills.  The partnership with INTO is helping us as an institution to further spread the message about the academic opportunities that exist at Nankai.  INTO’s global reach, through its regional office network, is helping to increase our capability to speak to students in locations that may have previously been inaccessible to us.

Working with INTO has not only enabled us to increase the presence of international students on-campus, it has also created an opportunity for us to become part of the international network of Global INTO partners in the US, UK and China.  Taking part in the bi-annual INTO partner’s conference in London gave a sense of the depth and breadth of experience in the senior leadership and faculty at the 17 partner institutions, and the many future opportunities that exist for collaboration between us all.  

The theme of the conference was ‘Stronger Together’ and this really was evident, not only in the content of the presentations, but in the way in which the partner institutions recognized and valued one another’s strengths, and looked at ways in which to utilize these going forwards.  I came away from the conference more enthused than ever before about the partnership, and keen to look at more ways in which we can work together and strive for internationalization.

Since 2012, 2689 international students have chosen to study at Nankai University, and we have already developed cooperative relationships with more than 300 colleges and research institutions.  The partnership with INTO has opened up even more doors for us, and as demonstrated in London in December working collaboratively, we can ensure we continue to be at the forefront of campus internationalization in China.

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