More US institutions must take internationalization seriously

More and more international students are enrolling at US institutions fueled by stories of elite graduates who were educated internationally and, as a result secured well-paid jobs – and institutions just cannot afford to ignore this demand. Continue reading “More US institutions must take internationalization seriously”

MOOCs – why bother?

INTO has just entered into an agreement with the University of East Anglia to produce jointly a massive open online course (MOOC) aimed at helping international students succeed in their transition to UK universities. So why is INTO, or indeed any institution, bothering to invest in creating a course that’s given away free? Continue reading “MOOCs – why bother?”

Flipping academics?

In June 2013, a survey of 400 INTO Newcastle University students revealed a 97% satisfaction level with the teaching and learning they received.

The academic teams in the centre have been experimenting with a range of techniques to further enhance this. In this blog post we explore how the use of video and YouTube is helping international students develop core mathematical skills.  Continue reading “Flipping academics?”

Can I have the bill please?

So the details of the Immigration bill have just been released, and I can’t help but wonder what the impact of these changes will have on the UK’s ability to still attract the brightest and the best international students?

It is difficult not to agree with the underlying intent of the Bill. It is hard to see why those who do not have the right to be in the UK should be able to use the NHS for free. Landlords should be accountable to tenants to stop this ‘beds in sheds’ abuse. Fines should be increased (doubled) and handed out, as well as assets being seized to stop people who are exploiting non-EU citizens. There is no place for any form of ‘human trafficking’ in a civilized society.  Continue reading “Can I have the bill please?”

Higher education – a soft power weapon of excellence

Around the world, international education has become a policy priority for almost every developed and developing country.  But just how significant is higher education to a country’s reputation and what exactly is soft power? 

In this post, Barry Tomalin,  visiting lecturer  at the University of East Anglia and author of “Cross-Cultural Communication – Theory and Practice” offers his perspective. Continue reading “Higher education – a soft power weapon of excellence”

‘Knowing you had made a difference was so special’


Ed Colin was one of a team of six people who travelled to Lusaka, Zambia on a self-funded eight-day trip to work on the I-CCO Summer Camp for orphans in Chawama.

I-CCO is an educational project for orphans, aged five to 22, supported by INTO Giving.  It was a first for the whole team and Ed, at 14 the youngest of the group, threw himself into the camp activities, from craftwork to relay races and his own magic tricks.  Here is his personal account of this unforgettable experience.

Continue reading “‘Knowing you had made a difference was so special’”

Excitement as Newton A-level students make the grade

As students around the world return to school and college, programme manager for the Newton A-level programme at INTO University of East Anglia, Bethan Gulliver reflects on a results day when almost 70 per cent of students achieved A or A* grades in their exams.  These students are now off to begin their university careers at some of the finest universities and a new cohort of Newton students will begin this coming week. Continue reading “Excitement as Newton A-level students make the grade”

Student arrivals breathe life into INTO Marshall University

In early fall 2013 more than 150 students from 20 countries began their studies at INTO Marshall University. This inaugural intake has already had a profound impact on the university and on the local community. In this blog post, INTO Marshall University, Center Director, Eric Fry describes how the center has come to life and how the presence of international students is enriching the experience of their American counterparts.

Continue reading “Student arrivals breathe life into INTO Marshall University”

Perception and reality – my humbling experience of agents’ work in China

I left INTO at the beginning of 2013 to study Mandarin Chinese full time in Kunming, China. My reasons for doing this and my experiences ‘on the other side’, as an international student, are for another day.

But, with an eye to the future, I wanted to continue some kind of association with INTO, so I approached the recruitment team in Guangzhou to see if I could assist in any way.  Despite my very basic language skills I was fortunate enough to be asked to help Tyler Nusbaum and the team with some agent events. Here I got to experience first hand the reality of the job that agents do to support students. Continue reading “Perception and reality – my humbling experience of agents’ work in China”