Charles Clarke: Developing skilled knowledge workers – The role of international collaboration

Globalisation is the unavoidable reality of the modern world.

People move and migrate.

Technologies, techniques and production methods are transferred across the planet in an instant. Economies are becoming less and less closed, more and more part of the international trading system.

There are fewer and fewer national scientific secrets. Scientific knowledge is almost universally available. Events in one corner of world become constant news in every part of the world.

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A call for action

Change, at an accelerating pace, is the story of our modern era.

Technological, economic and industrial transformations lead to significant social and political challenges in every country in the world.

The modern media bring events in every corner of the globe into our own homes in a way that was unimaginable decades ago. We are now all becoming ‘global citizens’ so the globalised world needs to be an important component of the modern education of every citizen of the world.

The universal challenge is whether people and their communities will be the masters of this enormous process of change or its victim.

Understanding and education are the key. That is why billions of people rightly see education as more and more important to their lives, and why all types of government increasingly want to give priority to the education of their populations.

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