A call for action

Change, at an accelerating pace, is the story of our modern era.

Technological, economic and industrial transformations lead to significant social and political challenges in every country in the world.

The modern media bring events in every corner of the globe into our own homes in a way that was unimaginable decades ago. We are now all becoming ‘global citizens’ so the globalised world needs to be an important component of the modern education of every citizen of the world.

The universal challenge is whether people and their communities will be the masters of this enormous process of change or its victim.

Understanding and education are the key. That is why billions of people rightly see education as more and more important to their lives, and why all types of government increasingly want to give priority to the education of their populations.

That is the reason for the revolution which is taking place in higher education across the world.

It affects the number of people studying, the way in which they study, the pedagogical methods with which they study, the curriculum they are learning, and the ways in which they are assessed.

The more that individual students understand the world in which they are growing up the better will be their personal prospects and the greater will be the capacity of society to cope with the implications of this process of change.

But expansion of educational opportunity across the world will only take place sufficiently quickly if private and public resources are brought together in partnership to fund and drive the changes which are needed.

This INTO Call for Action sets out the approach which needs to be taken by those forward-looking universities, governments and investors who are trying to address these big challenges.

I hope that they will meet the challenge.

Download a copy of INTO’s Call for Action.

Charles Clarke

Author: Charles Clarke

Charles was Education Secretary and Home Secretary under the previous UK government. Since leaving the House of Commons, he has become a Visiting Professor in Politics at the University of East Anglia and a Visiting Professor in Politics and Faith at Lancaster University. Charles is a Special Advisor at INTO.

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