Symbiotic partnership: Supporting university mission through comprehensive internationalization

Following the second annual P3 – EDU Conference, hosted at George Mason University this past May, former GMU President Angel Cabrera posited that “the private sector holds the key to solving many of the challenges public and non-profit universities face.”  The success of such partnerships, he pointed out, depends on private sector parties’ capacity to support their higher education partners’ strategic goals, prioritize student experience, and protect an institution’s academic integrity and reputation.

Student success and campus enrichment lie at the heart of every INTO university partnership.  From our first with the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom to our most recent with Hofstra University in New York, each of our partnerships is predicated on supporting the university’s mission through comprehensive internationalization.  Collaborative initiatives led jointly by INTO Center staff and their university colleagues at GMU, Colorado State University (CSU), and Drew University exemplify the symbiosis INTO shares with its partners.

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